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A World of Wings has an exciting and entertaining free flight bird show that offers attraction visitors something truly spectacular to remember.The combination of an experienced presenting team and award winning internationally renowned trainers leaves an extra special impression. A unique mix of birds from tiny flocks of parrots, groups of storks, giant hornbills and majestic eagles just to name a few. These amazing birds soar high in the sky and glide close over head in an action packed choreographed show. Set to music and audio commentary, the spectators will be themselves left speechless as they are immersed into A World of Wings.The beauty of it is, these natural ambassadors are not performing tricks but instead expressing themselves in their wild state. All ages of the audience will be spellbound by birds from all corners of the globe and shall be able to travel the world without leaving their seats.

Free flying birds are especially well received as they are presented loose from any form of caging. The Nature of our exciting performance also adds value to the different species involved, meaning hidden messages and subtle conservation links are promoted. Birds have great links to heritage and culture. From falcons of medieval Britain, the pirates parrots and stories of folklore for nearly every bird. This means themed shows for specific sites can easily be tailored to fit in place, just like that magical piece of  missing puzzle that completes the picture.

Without birds the sky's would be empty, the trees would stand silent and the world would not be the same. A World of Wings brings the sky to life with birds of many kinds and from the trees a magical show will emerge in front of your very eyes!   

We use only positive reinforcement training techniques. This type of training yields the highest level of performance from the birds, which are active participants in the training process. As a result, A World of Wings is able to produce shows virtually anywhere and incorporate structures and topography of the site into the show.

With experience on our side, installation of our Bird Shows is easy.

A World of Wings provide all of the necessary animal performance licences, public liability insurance, risk assessments and all other aspects of cooperation as to integrate into your venue. Our birds are conveniently and comfortably housed behind a themed presentation area.

A World of Wings offer a site survey and a detailed plan of how we would tailor a display to a new site. Contact us to arrange a visit.

A World of Wings also act as consultants to existing displays and presentations within parks and zoos. Previous jobs have included staff training and animal behaviour training for clients such as West Midland Safari Park and Tropical Wings Zoo.






As a company we provide high quality services to our clients and our audience, but we also go that extra mile to put our free flying birds on our list of priorities. As trainers A World of Wings are internationally recognised for excellence and originality.

A World of Wings received an award from the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators in 2012 for the training achievements with Ground Hornbills, Followed by an award in 2013 for work in Training a Bald Eagle.

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